Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Air Sylhet, United Kingdom

Formed 05/01/2007 to operate flights into Amritsar and Bangladesh from summer 2007. Claims to have received AOC (not confirmed). Reorganized in Austria in mid-2008, in association with MAP Jet. Started operations 04/04/2009 and ceased activities 27/04/2009.

Copyright Photo: Air Sylhet Boeing B757-225 TF-LLY (cn. 22691), (Dave Sturges 02. April. 2009).

Air Fiji, Fiji

Originally formed as Fiji Air. Majority owned by Tuvalu government with additional investment from CATIC, China. Ceased operations on 01/05/2009

Copyright Photo: Air Fiji Convair 580 ZK-CIF (cn. 381), (Bob Leask 25. June. 2006).

Elbrus-Avia, Russia

Originally formed as Aeroflot's Nalchik division later known as Nalchik Air Enterprise. AOC suspended 01/2009 and revoked 04/2009.

Copyright Photo: Elbrus-Avia Yakovlev Yak-42-D RA-42346 (cn. 4520423708311), (Carlos Peres 13. Jan. 2007).

Air Sénégal International, Senegal

Ceased operations on 24/04/2009 over the ongoing dispute between RAM and the Senegal government.

Copyright Photo: Air Sénégal International Boeing B737-7EE 6V-AHU (cn. 34263), (Pedro Becken 8. Dec. 2007).

Dirgantara Air Services, Indonesia

Added on EU ban list on 04/07/2007, 11/04/2008, 24/07/2008, 14/11/2008, 08/04/2009. Urged by transport ministry on 02/07/2008 to be safety-compliant within 3 months or face AOC revoke. AOC revoked 11/04/2009.

Copyright Photo: Dirgantara Air Services Douglas DC3 PK-VTO (cn. 13334), (Paul J. Hooper 3. March 1992).

Kayala Airline, Saudi Arabia

Formed 09/2005 by National Air Services as luxury scheduled domestic carrier using aircraft wet-leased from parent company. Ceased operations on 01/04/2009.

Copyright Photo: Al Khalaya Airbus A319-112 F-OHJY (cn. 1124), (Konstantin Von Wedelstaedt 16. Nov. 2008).

Centralwings, Poland

Planned to cease all scheduled services on 07/10/2008, continuing charter operations. Closed down all scheduled services on 30/03/2009, but restarted and continued limited ops afterwards.

Copyright Photo: CentralWings Boeing B737-45D SP-LLF (cn. 28752), (Bruno Geiger 07. May 2007 - Dublin).

Blue Wings, Germany

AOC changed to temporary in 01/2009 due to suspicion of money laundering, suspended on 29/03/2009

Copyright Photo: Blue Wings Airbus A320-232 D-ANNC (cn. 1257), (Bernd Hempe 27. Sep. 2008).

Freedom Airways, Cyprus

Expected to start operations in 2006 but AOC denied. Eventually started operations in 03/2008. AOC revoked in 12/2008 and ceased services in 03/2009.

Copyright Photo: Freedom Airways Fokker F27-050 5B-DCB (cn. 20230), (Steffen Dieckmann 12. October 2008).

EuroAir, Greece

Suspended operations in 01/2009. AOC suspended 16/03/2009.

Copyright Photo: Euro Air MD83 SX-BEU (cn. 49848), (Bruno Geiger 29. März 2008).

LAB - Lloyd Aéreo Boliviano, Bolivia

Restarted commercial services on 31/01/2009, but suspended indefinitely on 19/03/2009.

Copyright Photo: LAB - Lloyd Aéreo Boliviano Boeing B727-2K3(ADV) CP-1367 (cn. 21495), (AirSpeed 11. Januar 2005).

Sunday, March 29, 2009

East Star Airlines, China

AOC suspended on 15/3/09 (following legal petition from GECAS to recover overdue payments) and halted operations.

Copyright Photo: East Star Airlines Airbus A319-112 B6229 (cn. 2762), (K.L. Yim 13. Sep. 2008).

SkyAirWorld, Australia

Expected to be reorganized during 2008 as Lion Australia (qv), plan cancelled. Ceased ERJ-145 operations on 16.02.2009 and shut down on 22.02.2009

Eagle Aviation, France

Formed in Liberia to operate exclusively for Al Amrani Group of Companies. Moved to France in 1999 and became a commercial operator for ACMI leases. Entered bankrupcy, liquidated on 18.02.2009.

Copyright Photo: Eagle Aviation Boeing B757-2Q8 F-GTIB (cn. 25131), (Paul Link CDG 25. Aug.2007).

Macair Airlines, Australia

Entered administration and ceased operations on 29.01.2009, liquidated 06.02.2009.

Copyright Photo: Macair ATR42-500 VH-UYJ (cn. 0571), (FrenchFrogs Aviation Photos - TLS 27. Mar. 2007).

Nordic Airways, Sweden

AOC changed 10.2008 to temporary permit due to financial difficulties, eventually revoked on 23.01.2009 due to absence of financial restructuring plan.

Air Tahoma, USA

Suspended operations on Januar 2009.

FlyLAL, Lithuania

Entered financial difficulties in 12.2008 with unpaid fees due to Vilnius Airport; announced purchase in 01.2009 by SCH Swiss Capital Holdings, Switzerland but project did not proceeed and airline ceased scheduled operations on 18.01.2009; limited services continued by offspring FlyLAL Charters (qv). Filed for bankrupcy on 23.01.2009, continuing with ACMI activities in 02.2009.

Copyright Photo: FlyLAL Boeing B757-204 LY-FLG (cn. 27237), (Urs Ryser PMI 31. Aug.2008).

Kras Air, Russia

ceased operations Jan. 2009.

Copyright Photo: Kras Air Ilyushin IL-86 RA-86121 (cn. 51483209089), (Bruno Geiger AYT 22. Aug. 2006).

- 1 Tu-204
- 1 Tu-214
- 10 Tu-154
- 2 An-26

African International Airways, Swaziland

Listed on EU ban list 22.03.2006, worked around by placing aircraft on South African register. Put up for sale in 06.2008 by shareholders Alan Stocks and Bernrd Keay. Ceased ops 30.09.2008 when new financing could not be found.

Zambian Airways, Zambia

ceased operations in Dec. 2008.

Copyright Photo: Zambian Airways Boeing B737-244(Adv) 9J-JOY (cn. 22584), (Bruno Geiger collection).

Air One, Italy

Air One parent company AP Holding agreed on 11.12.2008 to be purchased by CAI (Alitalia's new parent) and integrated effective on 13.01.2009.

Copyright Photo: Air One Airbus A320-216 EI-DSH (cn. 3178), (Paul Link 27. Sep. 2008).